Vision can be seen in two ways: the ways in which visionaries can see where the world is headed and, in the most literal sense, how we physically see with our eyes. That’s why at our sixth Supper Series, which happened to fall on World Sight Day, the theme was Vision Into Action.

At this evening celebration in Manhattan, the most influential voices in the industry gathered together to foster important conversations around vision and access. This sixth Supper Series serves as an extension of the thought-provoking discussions held each year at #health newsrevitalize, health news’s biggest event of the year where experts and change-makers alike meet for a weekend to listen and talk about where the biggest trends in well-being are headed.

Dr. Weslie Hamada

Optimizing eyesight is an integral part of our well-being: Clear sight helps students learn two times as much in school, but one in seven people worldwide are in need of glasses with no means to purchase them—that’s 1.1 billion people without the resources they need in order to boost productivity at work and in school. The evening was sponsored by LensCrafters in celebration of their work with OneSight to expand access to vision care around the world. The proceeds from the event benefited OneSight and their mission to bring eye exams, glasses, and permanent vision centers to places without access to eye care, so more people can #seeclearlylivebetter. 

To kick off the event, health news’s founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob introduced Chief Content Officer Olessa Pindak, who moderated a panel with three visionaries. Sahara Rose, ayurvedic expert and bestselling author, began by speaking to how we can view the world beyond our physical eyes while Weslie Hamada, optometrist and senior director of O.D. engagement for LensCrafters, discussed whether it’s possible to improve our vision as we age and the importance of maintaining overall health for eye health. Maya Feller, registered dietitian, cookbook author, and adjunct professor at NYU, concluded with the best eyesight-boosting must-haves in an ideal diet (yes, that list includes carrots!).

All three of our panelists also participated in an exercise in which they each tried on a pair of glasses that simulated impaired vision. This exercise demonstrated what life is like for a real patient who cannot access eye exams or glasses, allowing these panelists (and everyone at the event, for that matter) to recognize the importance of access to eye care in our fast-paced world.  

After the panel, we dug into a delicious dinner designed to foster eye health, including the “Heirloom Carrot Tartare” served in the first course and the “Pistachio & Fresh Wasabi Crusted King Salmon with Thai Basil Emulsion” served as an entrée. Carrots and basil boast vitamin A, a crucial mineral for overall eye health, while salmon is one of the best sources of eye-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. While dining, the crowd—including health news Collective member Megan Bruneau; fitness and wellness coach Adam Rosante; Parker Hurley, an innovative artist, writer, model, and teacher; and authors Kanchan Koya, Ph.D., and Ezzie Spencer, Ph.D.—talked about their personal vision for the future. In a room with so many professionals inspired by how we can promote well-being through optimizing eye health, the energy practically hummed with creativity (or was that melodies from songstress Kaitlyn Kaerhart?) while Dry Farm Wines showcased their selection of organic, natural wines for guests to sample and sip.

As the sun set and the evening came to a close, guests didn’t leave the venue empty-handed. Gift bags included products that support all aspects of well-being, such as the Eczema Therapy Cream and wash from Kamedis Dermatology, as well as items from Lily’s chocolate, Flora Health, CW Hemp, The Laundress, Yogi Tea, Manitoba Harvest, and NOW Foods. 

At health news, we’re always trying to push the boundaries of health and improve access to holistic care. As we close out this decade and head into 2020, vision is crucial—not only in terms of physical eye care but also for visualizing how we can make the world a healthier, happier place in this upcoming era. After all, truly optimizing our well-being means focusing on all aspects of health, not only for ourselves but also for the community around us.

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