File this under things I will never leave my home without again. Launching today, the clean beauty favorite Tatcha just dropped The Serum Stick. The formula is made with Japanese lemon balm, squalane, and an antioxidant blend made with Uji green tea, Okinawa red algae, and Akita rice. And it’s your perfect solution to dry winter skin, no matter where you are. You’ll fall for this stick on the first swipe.

Squalane has become a hydrating favorite of late for good reason: It enriches the skin barrier function while helping seal in moisture all day. But it’s also very light, clear, and plays well with other ingredients. A true workhorse of hydrators. The Japanese lemon balm (sourced from a private mountain in Japan to ensure purity) will help calm inflammation. The antioxidant blend will tone, fight free radicals, and help soothe redness. Of course, if you want ultra-brightening properties or an exfoliating serum, you’ll need another option. But for those who like to use a hydrating serum in their regular routine, this will fit right in: Use it as an extra layer of moisture under oil or cream.

It’s also a true go-anywhere, do-almost-anything product: It’s a waterless balm, so you don’t need to worry about TSA lines or it spilling in a purse or gym bag. It’s also slim enough to slip in almost any size container or bag. I’ve walked around with it in my pocket and forgot about it halfway through the day. A week with this, and you’ll be rethinking your coveted face spray.

It also goes over a makeup to give you the softest, most subtle glow if you need a pick-me-up. The idea of slicking a moisturizer over makeup likely doesn’t sound appealing, but it just glides over foundation pretty effortlessly and won’t smear everything around. You might need to touch up the foundation after (depending on how heavy your foundation is to begin with), but I found it not to be a problem, even midday at work.

But a highlighter this is not. Many of these stick serums impart a glassy-glow gloss: If you are going for that megawatt shine, those are great! Load them up! But for day-to-day, if you just want a little refresher, those might be too much. This offers the perfect alternative. Take, for example, the tricky under-eye area: An area you might want some hydrating help in but don’t certainly don’t want any sparkles or sheen. Personally, around midday the skin under my eyes gets dry. Any concealer I started the day with sinks into skin and exacerbates any fine lines that might be there. (Spoiler alert: Even the youngest and spryest among us get fine lines around the eyes; it’s delicate skin, and the eye emotes quite a bit throughout the day.) All I do is one quick swipe of this and they look refreshed, not shiny nor sparkly. Simply hydrated and filled in.

I’ll admit that I’m biased—I’ll adore most of what Tatcha releases—but this one is such a true multitasker that I’m sure you’ll find a place for this little stick in your routine. I found several.

Find the Tatcha The Serum Stick ($48) here.

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