CBD is popping up everywhere these days, and while the buzz around this new kid on the block has us very excited, we wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing from all of the readily available tinctures, topicals, vaporizers, edibles and other forms of CBD in the market.

So where do you start? Whether you’re choosing your first CBD product or want to optimize your routine, it’s helpful to understand how CBD works and how it could potentially add benefit to your wellness routine.

Quick refresher: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from hemp, and it interacts with our body through the balance-regulating endocannabinoid system which monitors everything from sleep to stress. With so much potential to help our bodies experience a feeling of homeostasis, we dug a little deeper to highlight some of the easiest ways to take CBD along with unique ways to incorporate it into our lifestyles. 

CBD Oil & Gel Capsules

Great if you… are looking for CBD in its purest forms and want to maintain steady levels of CBD throughout the day.

Oral ingestion is one of the most beginner-friendly methods for taking CBD. CBD Oils (also known as “tinctures”) are designed to be taken sublingually (under the tongue) in order for the CBD to effectively enter your bloodstream and start interacting with your endocannabinoid system. CBD gel capsules are often similar formulas as the oils, but nicely packaged in a capsule. These are a great solution for those who are on-the-go or prefer their supplements in pill form.

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While CBD oils and gel capsules are great, not all brands are created equally when it comes to quality. It’s important to do your research to find a trusted brand that invests in creating quality products. Our friend and wellness blogger Jordan Younger recommends Medterra CBD, noting that she’s been really happy with the results of their products. “I mainly use CBD for insomnia and anxiety,” says Younger (a.k.a. The Balanced Blonde), who uses MedTerra’s 3000mg tincture (which contains 100mg of CBD per serving) for sleep every night.

Jordan shared with us that Medterra also offers a range of products that make it easy to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. With CBD capsules formulated for daily energy, women’s monthly wellness, and sleep, this brand takes a unique approach to providing consumers with CBD by combining it with other supplements they might normally take on a daily basis. 

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Great if you… need to feel CBD’s effects anywhere close to your skin.

Many people are turning to topical CBD creams to ease aches or joint pain. Topical application helps deliver the highest concentration of CBD exactly where you want it, which is why it’s not uncommon for athletes to stash a CBD cream in their gym bag to ease muscle soreness after hard training days. Younger even uses Medterra’s CBD cooling cream for relief from her Lyme disease symptoms: “It helps so much with my joint pain from Lyme,” she says, “I love that fresh, minty feeling the cream gives my skin. It’s so soothing.”

No matter how you want to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine, there is an option that will suit your lifestyle. Regardless of what brand you choose to try, remember that education is power so make sure you do some research before choosing what’s right for you.

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