Ready for a quickfire round of fascinating female orgasm Facts By The Numbers? For starters, women can experience up to 12 different types by some counts—clitoral being the most common, achieved by stimulating the 8,000 nerve endings in that area of the vulva. Studies using fMRI scans have shown that more than 30 parts of the brain are activated at the point of climax, releasing that rush of feel-good, beneficial chemicals including dopamine and oxytocin. And the average female orgasm can last anywhere between 13-51 seconds—yep, longer the average male orgasm—with some even lasting up to two minutes

Not to mention, the sexual wellness space has never had so many clean, accessible, and inclusively designed products, like Foria’s natural arousal oil Awaken, that exist just for deepening sexual pleasure. But there is, of course, another side to the O story. 

The barriers holding women back

Counter to what we commonly see in movies and on TV, three out of four women can’t climax with vaginal intercourse. The orgasm success rate during a woman’s first intimate experience with a new partner is 4 percent. In a survey of 2,000 women, 68 percent have admitted faking an orgasm. To be sure, sex can absolutetly feel amazing without an orgasm, and yet the numbers still show that something’s up: Nearly three out of four women have experienced pain during intercourse at least once in their lives, and up to 20 percent of women deal with persistent pain during sex.

All this to say, you’re far from alone if you desire more pleasure from your sexual experiences and orgasms. There are a myriad of societal, cultural, and relational reasons why experiencing pleasure and reaching climax aren’t so easy for many women. Commonly? Sex therapists cite stress as a major culprit because it sets off a physical chain reaction that makes it increasingly difficult to feel turned on. Things that would normally feel pleasurable to us won’t, not to mention muscular tension in the pelvic floor restricts blood flow, which is essential for arousal and pleasure. (P.S. Painful sex is not normal, so if you’re dealing with pain during intercourse, speak with a doctor and open up a conversation with your partner).  

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Reaching the peak of pleasure

Don’t be shy—deepening sexual pleasure is totally possible, and experts agree it comes down to taking control of your own sexuality and exploring what makes you feel good. And often, calling in reinforcements to get comfortable is part of it. 

“I was skeptical at first,” a first-time user of Foria’s Awaken, an oil with CBD, said in a review. “I don’t really have issues with arousal or lubrication, but this stuff intensifies everything.” Another reviewer said, “I suffer from endometriosis, so in the rare chance my partner and I engage in anything it can be pretty painful for me. But using Foria Awaken…actually made it enjoyable for me again, as well as increased my libido.”

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This natural arousal-enhancing massage oil with broad-spectrum CBD and nine other organic, plant-based aphrodisiacs is a best-seller for Foria, a leader in the sexual wellness space. And there’s no shortage of women who are turning to Awaken for deeper sexual enjoyment: The ingredients in the formula work together to heighten feel-good sensation while minimizing tension, discomfort, and dryness while in the act—and bonus—women love that it makes reaching climax easier and deepens orgasms. “I didn’t think my orgasms could be stronger,” said one reviewer, “I am no stranger to the pleasures from my own body, but Awaken seemed to relax me further, and the heightened arousal gave way to shuddering waves of pleasure. It was a wonderful experience for myself and my partner.” 

So why CBD, exactly? Studies show that the cannabinoid can promote blood flow to the area where it’s applied, so you can imagine why it’s a big point of focus for the sexual wellness industry right now. (By the way, herbalists have relied on cannabis as a pain-relief remedy for centuries). And experts like sex therapist Diana Urman, Ph.D., LCSW, back up the use of CBD in the bedroom, especially for easing tension: “Topical use around the pelvic floor area can help relax muscles and increase the probability of blood flow, improving the arousal process and helping create a more pleasurable experience,” she says. 

Once applied (tip for Awaken newbies: try it alone, first, and do your thing), it takes about fifteen minutes to feel its effects, so don’t rush.

Just remember that at the end of the day (or night!), sex is all about you, your own pleasure, and feeling great about yourself. Your journey to achieving sexual satisfaction is a highly personal and powerful act of self-love. So play safe, and have fun learning what works and feels best for you (friendly reminder about those 12 different types of orgasms in the intro).

*Awaken is an oil-based product that is not for use with latex condoms and is not a substitute for protection against pregnancy.

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