Since I’m on the road quite a bit, both for work and pleasure, I’ve mastered the most efficient and effective way to travel while still keeping some semblance of my daily routine. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to leave your normal life behind. In fact, taking parts of it with you can help you enjoy your trip that much more.

I always encourage taking advantage of every new destination you visit, but not every trip requires a new identity or loss of identity, either. I am RK whether I’m in NYC, at a work event in Austin, or hanging out in Italy, and it all starts with preparation.

Before I travel, I always…

Determine how many days I’ll be gone.

This helps me know in advance how many workouts I want to get in and how many pieces of clothing I’ll need. The on-demand Gear Lending program at Westin Hotels & Resorts—which lets guests borrow workout clothes, shoes, and more—also saves space in your luggage. Packing tip: Rolling up your clothes instead of folding takes up less space.

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Check the weather.

This tells me if my workouts are going to be indoors or outdoors, and—if I want to run outside at my destination—I’ll be prepared with the proper gear!

Schedule my workouts around my schedule.

Being both optimistic and realistic, I figure out the types of workouts I want to do and preload my classes on the Peloton app, so I don’t use data or need to be in range of Wi-Fi to keep up with my favorite classes while I’m traveling.

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Plan out my trip.

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Hannah Schwob

I’m old school and still live by my planner. I feel more committed to things when I write them down, and doing so helps commit my plans to memory, too. So in my planner, I write out my itinerary. If I’m traveling early in the day, I’ll call the hotel ahead and ask for early check-in (and just in case, I keep workout clothes in my carry-on or just wear them while traveling so I can take advantage of the time before I check in to hit the gym or scope out the surrounding area). Either way, I still like to take advantage of the beginning part of the day to get my workout in so I can feel productive and enjoy the remainder of the day. It helps to know in advance whether the hotel you’re staying at has a gym or if there are good areas to run outside. Westin has 24/7 fitness studios and local running maps, and many of their properties have a run concierge who will take guests out on a 3- to 5-mile run a few times a week. 

Set aside workout clothes to wear while traveling.

Traveling in athleisure or athletic wear is really comfortable and makes me much more likely to stretch at the airport, get up and move around on the flight, and feel less stiff and bloated when I get off the plane.

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Download playlists, books, and podcasts.

This is something that’s a game-changer—especially with my workout playlists! There’s nothing worse than wanting to work out and realizing you have no access to your music. Make a workout playlist with pump-up jams that never fail to give you an energy boost. I’ll also download books and podcasts that inspire me: When I listen to motivational speakers and stories, I can’t wait to take action, and a workout feels like the first step every time.

Pack my travel essentials.

Here are just a few of the key items on my packing list whenever I’m on the go:

  • Reusable water bottle and electrolyte tablets for hydration
  • Wireless headphones
  • My GPS watch and fitness tracker
  • Toe separators and compression socks
  • Sneakers and workout clothes
  • My recovery essentials including a lacrosse ball and a mini wooden trigger point roller
  • Minibands and jump rope
  • Peloton app with preloaded classes (some Westin Hotel gyms even have Peloton bikes!)
  • Lavender essential oil (every Westin room has a complimentary lavender balm that is a blend of lavender and chamomile oils to help soothe the mind and body)

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