We’ve only just kicked off 2020, and we can already say that the clean beauty space is going global. An impressive amount of industry leaders have already hopped on the clean beauty bandwagon recently: There’s Walmart’s in-house skin care line, CoverGirl’s glowy new clean collection, and who could forget about the coveted “Clean at Sephora” section and seal? In other exciting strides toward affordable, clean beauty, Revlon is the first global brand to launch an EWG-verified product—your quick trip to the corner store just got a lot more clean.

When it comes to global beauty giants, Revlon is the one that practically exudes classic Americana. While you might be familiar with the brand’s quintessential candy-shell-colored nail lacquers and assortment of hairstyling tools, they’ve actually been working with the EWG for years in hopes of making clean beauty products as easy to obtain as a toothbrush or pack of gum. 

“EWG and Revlon have a long history of working together to advance responsible cosmetics reform in Congress. This partnership was enhanced over one year ago when we started this conversation about making clean beauty products widely available,” says EWG president and co-founder Ken Cook in a statement. 

As a result of those conversations, Revlon launches their first EWG-verified product to hit those drugstore shelves—the PhotoReady Prime Plus Perfecting + Smoothing Primer, infused with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid for a brightening base that will keep your skin supple and smooth under makeup.

The creamy formula has earned EWG’s “green” Skin Deep score, meaning that every single ingredient is transparent, scientifically backed, and adheres to the EWG’s strict list of criteria. And in true Revlon fashion, the product is versatile (feel free to wear it alone or under foundation), the packaging is sleek, and it retails for $13.99. 

As clean beauty transcends age and demographic (just look at all the playful options out there for a burgeoning beauty guru), the brand recognizes how important it now becomes to make those products affordable. “More than just buying differently, consumers want added assurances about the products they buy and their ingredients,” says Revlon president and CEO Debra G. Perelman in a statement. “Revlon understands the changing needs of consumers and is leading the way in bringing clean and transparent beauty to consumers at an accessible price point.” 

So the next time you find yourself wandering through the aisles of CVS, be rest assured that yet another product you may stumble upon is clean-beauty-approved. If you ask us, Revlon has quite literally primed the industry to move toward natural-leaning formulas.

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