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The co-founder of WelleCo, a former supermodel, and wellness entrepreneur Elle Macpherson is inspiring women all over the world to transform their health through plant-based, nutrient-rich “living” foods.

On today’s episode, Elle shares her story, which sprouted from a long period of not feeling well.

Frustrated by not seeing her efforts improve her health, she turned to Dr. Simone Laubscher, who gave her a green powder that helped address her lethargy, weight gain, dry skin, and poor digestion. Together, they evolved that formula into WelleCo’s hero product, the Super Elixir, which is a multivitamin and mineral green powder.

Since noticing positive improvements in her mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Elle has become an advocate of nourishing the whole self by eating micronutrients and enzymes found in raw and sprouted foods, sweating in infrared saunas, and spending plenty of time outside.

For her, wellness is not a destination; it’s a journey that’s continually evolving through trial and error and listening to what works for your body. “I’ve found when I am quite diligent with looking after the things that are important to me, everything else flows more easily,” said Elle, and we couldn’t agree more.

She also shares the secret to living with purpose and the one thing you can do every day to manifest the life you want.

Elle’s real story and the lessons she has learned along the way will inspire you to create the life you dream about from wherever you are.

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