When we think of the drugstore, our minds often go to picking up prescriptions, quick snacks, and soap. However, over the past few years, CVS has been busy making changes that highlight their commitment to wellness for all.

Today CVS Pharmacy announced they’re furthering that commitment with a new self-care campaign called “Treat Yourself Well” that takes wellness a step further.

“We are seeing more customers focus on self-care as part of their overall health, and CVS is committed to providing access to new products and categories to empower people to practice self-care in their daily lives, especially since self-care varies based on an individual’s needs,” said Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy and executive vice president, CVS Health, in a statement.

They’re building on a wellness foundation: In 2014, they removed tobacco from all their stores and since then have removed products with less than 15 SPF from the shelves; combed through their beauty products to ensure they do not include parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde; and encouraged natural beauty with the “CVS Beauty Mark” that showcases images that have not been digitally altered.

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An exciting aspect of the new campaign is the launch of 300 new products in the health and wellness space focusing on brain health, nutrition, and sleep. The new products include things you may traditionally find at health food stores or in specialty wellness shops including collagen and bone broth protein, essential oils, yoga mats, and bee pollen (the list goes on!).

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Another program in the new campaign aims to provide greater transparency and high standards to consumers around supplements and vitamins. In 2017 CVS announced that they would require all supplements and vitamins to go through third-party testing to adhere to specific guidelines by the end of 2019.

Today, CVS announced that they completed the new “Tested To Be Trusted” program six months ahead of time, meaning that all vitamins and supplements sold online and in their stores have been tested by third parties to ensure that the ingredients on the bottles are accurate and exclude certain prohibited ingredients.

This large company’s commitment to making wellness more accessible echoes the same sentiment as other big players including Burger King, which recently announced they are offering the plant-based Impossible Burger at select locations. Many companies and brands are embracing the mentality that wellness should be a part of our daily lives. We’re excited to hear that a chain like CVS, with over 9,800 locations, is committed to this shift, and we can’t wait to see who else follows.

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