Acne patches made of hydrocolloid dressing—a sticky, yet dry, cellulose-feeling fabric—are everywhere now. For good reason: Not only are they an effective spot treatment, but they won’t dry out skin, and they keep you from picking at zits. The result? A pimple that heals faster without the scab and scar.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes

Microneedling patches are starting to gain major traction (you’ll see a few more on the list below). These brand-new ones from the acne care company use proprietary pyramid-shaped microneedles that better penetrate the skin—don’t worry: It sounds much more intimidating than it feels. Not only is the shape unique, but there are 173 per patch that are infused with salicylic acid, beta glucan soothes, and hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated.

Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes, Hero Cosmetics ($12.99)

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

These are straight hydrocolloid dressing—the same stuff you’d cover a cut with. We so often forget that a pimple is essentially an open wound, and to aid in recovery, you should try dressing it like one. Simply apply it to a freshly cleaned zit before bed, and this will absorb pus and protect the breakout from bacteria. (When you wake up, the patches are literally filled with white junk; it’s grossly satisfying.) They’re especially great for those with hypersensitive skin who get irritated from other acne-fighting actives, like AHAs or BHAs. 

Acne Pimple Master Patch, Cosrx ($5)

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

These little dots were a first of their kind when they launched: Not only did they use the healing hydrocolloid dressing, but they infused it with acne-healing ingredients. Their special blend of actives includes salicylic acid to treat acne-causing bacteria, vitamin A to promote healthy cell turnover, and aloe vera to soothe redness and inflammation. 

Acne Healing Dots, Peace Out ($32)

Starface Hydro Stars

Founded on the belief that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our acne—something we can get behind—these fun star patches put your skin on playful display. You’re even encouraged to wear them day or night (which will help ease any temptation to pick at zits midday). Wearing them really does feel like being a kid again, and in the best possible way: carefree and confident. 

Hydro Stars, Starface ($22)

Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patch

These take a truly unique route to clear acne—less about drying out oil and more about supporting the skin barrier. First up, there’s the innovative microneedle-like application (these use hyaluronic acid tips). Then there’s the blend of actives, which includes vitamin B3 to help discoloration and polypeptides for moisture. 

Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patch, Dr. Jart+ ($18)

Alba Botanica Acne Pimple Patch

At a very reasonable price, and likely found at a Target near you, you can pick these up on the go. Slap one on for a very quick reduction of size and swelling of your zits—without drying them out, leaving behind a crusty and flaky scab in their place. 

Acne Pimple Patch, Alba Botanica ($6.99)

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface

Yes, we previously suggested a new option from Hero Cosmetics on this list, but they make such good patches we had to include them twice. These are surface patches, which are able to cover larger, multiple-zit breakouts like on the chin or forehead. (Or great for body acne!) The extra-adhesive sticker has tapered edges that fit the curves and contours, so it’ll stay put. 

Mighty Patch Surface, Hero Cosmetics ($17.99)

Rael Microneedle Technology Acne Healing Patches

These microneedle patches not only have the popular salicylic acid, but the natural favorite tea tree oil to deal with acne. Then it’s infused with the also popular hyaluronic acid so as to prevent overdrying. 

Microneedle Technology Acne Healing Patches, Rael ($10)

Peach Slices Acne Patch

Hydrocolloid acne patches were originally a K-beauty phenom, so it makes sense that the K-beauty masters Peach & Lily would make such a high-quality option. What we love about these is they come in sizes big and small so you can target anything, from tiny whiteheads to larger pustules. 

Acne Patch, Peach Slices ($5)

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots

These derm-tested faves come with a high-powered, innovative blend of ingredients. There’s volcanic ash to absorb oils and clogged pores; salicylic acid to breakdown oil and debris; the fatty acid phytosphingosine to moisturize and regulate oil production; a plethora of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives, and finally, the brand’s signature complex that helps replenish nutrients depleted by stress. 

Blemish Dots, Skyn Iceland ($22)

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