With nontoxic makeup and “no lists” now center stage in the beauty world, one thing has become apparent: Organic and natural ingredients can truly achieve amazing color payoff. Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or someone in constant search of statement trends, here’s to reaching for color that both celebrates and lets you feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter the occasion.

Second-skin tinted moisturizer.

You know the best tinted moisturizer when you wear it (and see it)—because they give you that no-makeup-makeup look. A quality tinted moisturizer strikes the perfect balance between lightweight coverage for breakouts and evening out skin tone with a smooth, barely there feel.

The Goodness Glows Tinted Moisturizer from Burt’s Bees feels weightless as it blends seamlessly on skin for a natural finish. Added hydration and a healthy-looking complexion aside, the bonus benefit of this tinted moisturizer is that it’s made with green tea for its polyphenol content (which are potent antioxidants) to protect skin against environmental aggressors. 

On models: Goodness Glows Tinted Moisturizer.

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Lush matte lips.

Unlike gloss or slick sheeny lipsticks, flat pigment tends to stay put on lips longer. So our tip? Choose a color you can live with all day. Particularly when you have a formula of hydrating butters, shine-free lip color simply looks, well, perfectly natural. 

The blend of nourishing butters in Burt’s Bees’ creamy and all-natural Matte Stick—a combination of jojoba, cupuacu, cocoa, and kokum—gives off that medium coverage and longevity we’re all after in a matte color.

On models: Matte Stick in Buttery Blush.

Everyday eyeshadow.

A pared-down eyeshadow palette that can take you from day to night is the one that earns a spot in your daily makeup bag. Find one that lets you play with the shades for looks that can make a statement, keep you in a nude-toned comfort zone, and go anywhere in between.

Burt’s Bees brings together three versatile shades (in four unique combinations) for its Eyeshadow Trio. Easy to blend with brushes or just your fingertip, these delicate pigments—made with all-natural ingredients including bamboo, honey, and vitamin E—resist creasing, fading, and smudging for all-day wear.

On models: Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Nudes.

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