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There are so many exciting things happening in wellness, from personalized testing to plant-based burgers popping up at fast-food chain burger restaurants. We invited entrepreneur, investor, and shark on ABC’s Shark Tank Rohan Oza to join us on the health news podcast to talk about the exciting wellness trends he expects will stick around and how he sees them evolving over time.

As a consumer packaged good expert, Rohan is versed in the products and trends that have the potential to make it into stores across the country rather than just the coasts (where wellness fads traditionally start). Rohan pointed out that he believes fads are more fleeting and draw attention on the coasts and eventually fizzle out, while trends are indicative of more significant conversations in wellness and are followed in the middle of the country. Rohan breaks down the seven trends he sees as major players in wellness now and in the future:

Protein combined with fiber

While protein has been popular since the launch of the Atkins Diet, 20 years ago, Rohan explained that protein combined with fiber is going to be a larger trend going forward. Why? “You need fiber to help balance it out,” said Rohan and highlighted that fiber doesn’t get enough credit.

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Nondairy alternatives

We discussed the rise of plant-based products, and Rohan noted one of the biggest areas currently is nondairy alternatives. For people with a sensitivity to dairy or interest in trying out something different, milk alternatives, like almond, oat, coconut, hemp, and flax milk, are great options. Besides milk alternatives, Rohan said to expect more brands to come out with things like nondairy yogurts and cream cheeses. The need and want are there, and this is just the beginning, said Rohan.

Plant-based burgers

We recently heard the news that Burger King will be selling the Impossible Burger in specific locations across the U.S. and is expected to roll them out nationally by the end of this year. As someone who does meatless Mondays, Rohan was excited to hear the news and calls it “the democratization of healthy living,” which he believes is indicative of a more substantial shift toward greater access in wellness.

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Probiotic drinks

With more and more people concerned with their gut health (it’s linked to our immunity), Rohan said to expect more brands launching drinks packed with probiotics. We’ve already seen the rise of kombucha, and Rohan points out that they aren’t just being sold in Whole Foods Markets, select cities, or specialty health stores; they’re in chain supermarkets and convenience stores. Rohan calls it millennials and Gen-Zer’s “new soda,” and it’s likely here to stay.

Keto and intermittent fasting

Rohan is always on the lookout for brands and products that work and extends this analogy to trends like keto and intermittent fasting, pointing out their incredible potential to take our health to new levels. Rohan calls keto the 2.0 of Atkins and said it’s headed to becoming a national conversation. He also said he expects the conversation around combining keto and IF to expand as this takes the body out of its regular routine, which he says can limit results.

With all of these trends, Rohan said to expect bigger brands and companies to take a large share of the space by expanding their product offerings to include even more products with functional benefits. He said these larger players will likely scale to meet the growing demands of consumers. It’s promising to see that many of these trends fulfill people’s growing interest in making wellness work for them. It means that more companies are responding to the need for personalized and accessible wellness. There’s a long way to go in making wellness more accessible to all, but it’s encouraging to hear that many of these trends are expected to find their way across the country.

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